Monday, December 15, 2014

126 North Main Street /Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 40342 /502.839.9992/

                Welcome to the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg. We believe the Lord has led you here and trust that this is the beginning of many memorable experiences and a wonderful partnership. Our vision for students includes the integration of a Biblical worldview into our curriculum where character, values and essential life skills are emphasized and modeled by a professional and dedicated faculty & staff. As a Christ-centered school, students are taught how to integrate Biblical truth and learning into their daily lives to impact the culture for Christ. At the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg, we nurture and educate the whole child — heart, mind, body and soul — and provide a challenging curriculum that includes Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes.

                Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg exists to challenge our students’ minds. We believe it is our mandate from the Lord to be excellent in all we do. First and foremost, CAL is a school committed to the learning process. Our goal is to provide each family with a great Christian education. We believe a school can be both academically superior and remain committed to the Christian faith. We strive to accomplish this in every classroom. Our teachers are outstanding at what they do. Over 80% of the Faculty and Staff hold advanced level degrees.

                Since we are unabashedly a Christian school, we strive to disciple our students in all we do. Our faculty and staff enjoy actively mentoring students where they are in their faith and watching them grow in their relationship with Christ. This attribute is noticeably interwoven into the fabric of the school.

                Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg strives to be an intentional Christ-centered community. We are a school and do not want to replace the time families spend in corporate worship at church. We exist to stand beside our parents who are called to be the primary educators of their children in all areas; particularly their Christian upbringing. Overall, the expectation of the school is that parents model a personal pursuit of God marked by an upright character and regular church involvement.

                We would like to welcome you to the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg. Together we form the “church, family & school” team that will ensure every students' God given gifts, talents and abilities are developed in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.

                For further information or to schedule a tour, contact the Administrator or the Principal.              

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